Fluffy Wool Pillows from Yarn Waste

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We knew this would happen!  Because we work with mills to make yarn, we know there is wool waste in the milling process.  Wool fibers that are too short to spin into yarn fall out of picking and carding machines during the yarn making process.  You don't want these small pieces of wool in the yarn, but hate to see them tossed.  We found a way to turn this waste product into stuffing for our new pillows!  

Sleeping on our new Fluffy Wool Pillows is heavenly!  Our wool fill is made from the bits of wool that fall through the picking and carding machines while making yarns like our American Ewe Yarn.  Called wool noils, these small bits of wool are gathered up at the mill and packed into large bales.  We hate throwing away any wool fiber and found a way to work with the wool to create a wonderful stuffing material for pillows and other items.

We take the noil wool and pick it open into fluffy bits at our local batting mill.  This process also helps remove some of the plant debris that also falls out of the machines. We end up with a fluffy pile of soft wool. We still have some plant debris in the stuffing, but it is minimal. The wool fiber content is primarily Merino and Rambouillet wool with a micron count of 21 - so it's a super soft wool!

Where's the wool coming from?  That's the best part.  This wool is sourced from the Shaniko Wool Company in Oregon.  Shaniko Wool Company is a collection of 9 ranches that raise primarily Merino and Rambouillet sheep in several Western states.  All of the ranches follow Responsible Wool Standards (RWS) established by the Textile Exchange and are audited annually to ensure compliance.  Where else can you say you know where the fill in your pillows comes from?

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit whose mission is to identify fibers and processes that result in improved environmental and social sustainability outcomes.  Ranches that follow RWS standards ensure the welfare of the sheep which are treated humanely, the land they graze is managed appropriately for improved soil health, and workers are treated fairly. You can read more about the Responsible Wool Standard here: https://textileexchange.org/standards/responsible-wool/.

We make our pillow covers with only GOTS certified organic cotton muslin and sew them at a local development disability work center.  We stuff them with 2 pounds of fluffy wool noils. The pillow covers come with a zipper closure allowing you to adjust them to your preferred sleeping preferences.  Too full, take some wool out.  Want it firmer, add more wool.

Orders with a quantity of 10 or more may be subject to discounted pricing.  Please contact ceceswoolwholesale@gmail.com for wholesale pricing.

The pillows come in regular pillow sizes:

Standard   20" x 25"

Queen       20" x 30"

King          20" x 36"

Care of pillows: We suggest covering your new pillow with a pillow cover and fluff the pillow as needed.  Remove the wool fill to clean the zippered pillow cover and wash it in warm water, low heat or line dry.  Do not put the wool fill in the washer or dryer.

Want to make your own pillows or use the fill to stuff toys and such?  You can purchase your own pile of wool fluff here: https://www.ceceswool.com/home-goods/fluffy-wool-stuffing-made-from-us-wool-noils/


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    So much better than down

    Posted by M. Lopshire on May 18th 2023

    Made the switch from down pillows to CeCe's wool pillow, and wow what a difference! The ability to adjust firmness, and the use of natural temperature regulating fibers makes this a great pillow. I'm so glad I made the switch!

  • 5

    Posted by A.B. on Apr 30th 2023

    Love!!! Just the right firmness for my side sleeping. Easy to plump in the morning. Great sleep!!! And I know I’ve given a little more woulda-been-waste wool a good job. Highly recommend.