Fluffy Wool Stuffing Made from US Wool Noils

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We don't like to see wool go to waste! This stuffing is made from the pieces of wool that are too short and fall through the carders when the wool is being processed into yarn.  Also some dirt and plant debris drops out too.  These noils get compressed into a bale.  We bought a bale and ran it through a picker twice and it opened up the short pieces into fluffy wooly bits! It also removed some of the plant debris. These wooly bits are perfect for stuffing toys and pillows.  There is still some debris, but it has no effect on the wool and using it for stuffing is a perfect use for this waste product. The wool comes from the Shaniko Wool Co. where the ranches follow Responsible Wool Standards in that the sheep are cared for humanely, the land is managed well and improved upon, and the workers receive fair wages.  The breeds most found on these ranches is Merino and Rambouillet with a 21 micron count.  This wool is very fine and soft.  The photo in the middle shows the wool noils before and after picking.

Wool stuffing is a much better fill for toys and pillows. Wool is biodegradable, dust mite resistant, and naturally fire retardant. The wool will biodegrade after its use and does not form microplastics that don't biodegrade and can harm marine environments.

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