CeCe's Granola - 4lb Tub

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While I was home with my young son I started making my own granola. I tinkered with the recipe for many years and came up with this perfect blend that contains lots of whole nuts, a lot less sugar, and honey from our bees. Our granola has half the sugar of many other granola recipes.  We lose the sugar but pack our granola with lots of flavor.  Folks who try it love it. We think you will too. From our farm to your table. Enjoy!

This is a 4lb bucket of our granola.

CeCe's Granola is gluten free and Kosher certified by Vaad HaKashruth of the Capital District.

What's in our granola?  Lots of good and mostly organic ingredients and local honey.

- Organic rolled oats

- Organic raisins

- Organic dried cranberries

- Walnut halves

- Pecan halves

- Almond slivers

- Local honey

- Canola oil

- Organic sucanat

- Sunflower seeds

- Organic sesame seeds

- Vanilla

- Salt


Some of our favorite reviews:

"It's like a party in a bowl!"

"I can't stop eating this granola!!"

Can't start my day without it -- I spread CeCe's Granola over shredded wheat, add blue berries or other berries in season, add milk and I have achieved nirvana!"