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Nomadic Knits Magazine was founded in 2018 as a knitting travelogue featuring regional yarns and the makers behind them. Nomadic Knits utilizes beautiful designs featuring local fibers to reflect the climate and culture of the featured region. It is printed on matte paper and perfect bound, between 100-130 pages long and containing eight to twelve patterns. Each issue contains a free digital download code.

Becky and Melissa met and became great friends through their love of yarn and knitting. They continuously enable each other to buy ALL the yarn and knit ALL the things. Not too long ago, Becky sold her house, her yarn shop, and most of her belongings, and took off to travel the country in a van with her giant poodle, Bubba. Melissa is the designer behind Melissa Kemmerer Designs, and she travels between upstate New York and southern Florida, knitting wherever she happens to be.