Speedweve Style Mending Looms

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These small mending looms are based on the original Speedweve darning looms. They are great for mending holes in knitwear or woven fabrics and you can also use it to add woven embellishments!

Choose from:

  • 10 hooks (40mm warp width, hooks are 5mm apart) - best for worsted or DK weight
  • 14 hooks (42mm warp width, hooks are 3mm apart) - best for fingering weight

The wooden disc is 2.5"/67mm in diameter.

Just stretch the fabric over the tool, use the rubber band to fix the fabric and loom in place. Then set up your warps and get weaving! An instruction sheet is included to help you get started.

For tutorials and demo videos, visit MissionXGoods on Instagram!