Common Threads by the Hudson Valley Textile Project

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Be among the first to purchase an issue of Common Threads, a new magazine from the Hudson Valley Textile Project focused on sustainable sheep farming and fabric production in the Hudson Valley region. Discover others nearby who share your passions, learn about the issues our industry is confronting today, or find a beautiful, curated pattern perfect for your next project. Issue 1, Abundance, will be available this October.

 * Explore your community with dozens of articles and art pieces from local farmers, designers, and yarn stores.

 * Uncover a set of high-quality patterns from a wide range of mediums, both patterns that went underappreciated throughout the year and new releases exclusive to Common Threads. Each pattern comes with swatch showcases to save you the trouble of experimenting with expensive materials that may not quite fit a particular pattern.

 * Common Threads issues are printed locally and are 100% recyclable.