Upcycled Hand Dyed Scarves

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We've turned unwanted textiles into hip scarves by hand-dyeing the 100% cotton fabric with bright, fun colors.  Upcycled Cotton Scarves are designed and hand dyed and sewn by Yarn Designs Unlimited.  Our generous scarves are approximately 13" wide x 68" circumference and the printed fabric is new American milled 100% cotton fabric.

Each scarf is $24.95 plus shipping and carefully packaged in a beautiful organza gift bag.  We can ship your gift directly to the recipient and will include a free card and message from you.  Just write your message in the NOTES section when you check out.

At Yarn Designs Unlimited we are working to keep textile fabric out of landfills and support local workers.  Our scarves are made with new, unwanted, 100% cotton fabric and are proudly stitched for us at a local developmental disability work center that supports programs and employment services for people with disabilities.  

Over 16 million tons of textile waste are generated yearly according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Of this amount, 2.62 million tons are recycled, 3.14 million tons are combusted for energy recovery, and 10.46 million tons are sent to the landfill. It is the vision of Yarn Designs Unlimited, to be part of the solution by utilizing new, unwanted fabrics to make quality Upcycled products that not only are beautiful but also environmentally conscientious.

We are making local products that have on impact on the quality of our environment and support our local economy.  This is a gift you can be proud to give or wear yourself.