Lined Wool Gloves

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Get ready for cold weather with our exclusive lined wool gloves!  These gloves are so incredibly soft and warm - you won't want to take them off!  The outside natural brown wool fiber is tightly knitted and we lined them with a black acrylic fabric that is very soft. 

The wool is a natural brown color with a micron count of 22 (that's pretty soft!).  The wool was spun up into yarn at a mill in Michigan.

The gloves are knitted and hand finished at our local knitting factory.  We had the factory knit them with extra long cuffs to keep the cold from sneaking up your coat sleeve.  A final and key step is fulling - each glove is washed and dried and steam heated into the proper shape.  This process closes up any gaps, softens the wool, and ensures a proper fit.  

We are currently offering them in a Men's size Large.  They have been tried by several 6 foot plus men who work outdoors and they fit great.

The gloves are 10 inches long and the palm area is 4.5 inches wide.  The cuff is a generous 4.5 inches long.

We have been making gloves for several years and proud to say these are the warmest and softest yet!  If you don't agree, or they don't fit, we will gladly accept your return and refund your payment.