Zig Sweater kit in American Ewe Tweed Worsted

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Our much loved American Ewe Tweed yarn has found the perfect sweater pattern-- The Zig  by Andrea Mowry ! If you're a fan of chevron stripes, cozy pullovers and wonderfully squishy yarn, this might just be your next project! This sweater is knit bottom up and is labeled as average difficulty. 

Please purchase the pattern from Andrea Mowry on Ravelry here https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/zig-3 

We've picked out 4 beautiful colorways to choose from for in this kit and discounted the yarn 15%!  Colors from left to right with the pictures above and labeled with MC (main color) CC1 (contrasting color 1) and CC2 (contrasting color 2)

#1 Earth Tones (CC1), Weathered Barn Board (CC2), Rootbeer (MC)

#2 Glass of Port (CC2), Seashell (CC1), Rootbeer (MC)

#3 Earth Tones (CC1), Straw (CC2), Adella's Olive (MC)

#4 Earth Tones (CC1), Rootbeer (CC2), Cornflower (MC)

#5 Seashell (CC1), Port of Wine (CC2), Cornflower (MC) (Sample is knit in this combination)

Each kit comes with enough yarn to complete this pattern in the size range selected.

To view more available colors of our American Ewe Tweed, click here https://www.ceceswool.com/yarn/american-ewe-tweed/

To view Seashell, our newest addition to the American Ewe Tweed colors, click here https://www.ceceswool.com/yarn/seashell-tweed-american-ewe-yarn/

Yarn specifics:

  • Merino and Rambouillet wool from Shaniko Wool Co.
  • 89% Merino and Rambouillet wool, 6% acrylic, 5% rayon
  • 4 oz skeins (237 yards)/113 gr (217 meters)
  • 8 oz skeins (474 yards)/227 gr (433 meters)
  • 21 micron
  • 3 ply 
  • 10 wraps per inch

Care: handwash in warm water with mild soap; lay flat to dry.