Shetland Wool Week 2023 Hat Kit - Buggiflooer Beanie

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Expected release date is May 26th 2023

Shetland Wool Week has announced its patron hat pattern maker patron for 2023: Alison Rendall.  Alison is a talented and prolific Fair Isle knitter and her hat design is a distinctive design that incorporates traditional elements together with a flower motif. She chose the name Buggiflooer – a Shetland name for Sea Campion – which grows in abundance near her home by the sea.
"I like to support Shetland language and culture by using Shetland words in my designs. This practice helps keep them alive in both usage and understanding, bringing them back into the forefront of people’s minds.”
Alison selected colors from several yarn companies on Shetland Island.  Her selection of colors from Jamieson and Smith two-ply fingering weight created a stunning and colorful hat.  The six colors include:
Shade 77
Shade 90
Shade FC34
Shade 14
Shade 96
Shade 9097
Use this link to obtain the pattern: 
This is a pre-order.  We have all of the colors except for one.  We have ordered that color and as soon as it arrives, we will ship the kits out.  We expect to be able to ship these out by the middle of May.