Mordanted Yarn - Bob's BFL

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Want to try natural dyeing?  We have the perfect yarn to get you started!

Bob's BFL is a 2 ply, DK weight blue faced leicester wool yarn from a flock in Michigan. (Yes, the farmer's name is Bob).  We have mordanted these skeins in 10% alum with water and dried them.  They are ready to go for your dye adventures with natural plants.  Each skein is 100 grams and 231 yards.

Some plants that I have dyed with:

  • black eyed susan
  • queen anne's lace
  • jewel weed
  • tansy
  • coreopsis
  • marigold
  • dyer's chamomille

Dyeing with natural plants is a lot of fun and we have taken some of the work out of it by providing already mordanted yarn for you.  Check out the video below to show you how I dyed one skein in a jar with coreopsis flowers - my favorite dye material.