About CeCe's Wool

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We're a little company in New York State that wants to do big things in the world of sustainable fiber, yarn, and pet products. We’re dog lovers. Sheep lovers. People in love with farming and the rural way of life.

Our products are good for your pet, good for small family farms, and good for the earth.

Unleash the power of your purchase

You set a bunch of good things in motion by buying from CeCe’s Wool.


Buying local

In today’s dog-eat-dog economy, it just makes sense to help each other by supporting local farms and businesses, which is exactly what you do when you buy products from CeCe’s Wool.

We use as many local suppliers as possible. By keeping our suppliers local, we don’t use enormous amounts of fossil fuel bringing our wares to you.

You're supporting farmers who, in turn, invest their dollars in their communities. To improve what they sell. To feed and care for their animals. And (heaven help us!) to buy more sheep. Farmers who pay taxes to support their local schools and infrastructure—just like you.

By keeping our farms productive, you’re helping to ensure that there are beautiful farms to see and visit when you drive through the countryside.

Small carbon footprint, big economic impact

At CeCe’s Wool, we take our green practices seriously.

We keep our carbon footprint small by not using enormous amounts of fossil fuel to bring our wares to market, and we make sure our wool is processed with only biodegradable soap and without harsh chemicals. 

Yet we also value the other kind of green, and do our best to leave the largest possible economic footprint. We use local mills to process our fiber, and those mills employ local residents who also pay taxes and spend locally.

It's all in who you know

We know the farmers who supply our wool, and we know their sheep. These are happy sheep, raised locally using sustainable agricultural practices.

Thank you for your support! After all, it’s not just wool. It’s a way of life.

CeCe's Wool Retail Store

CeCe's Wool Yarn and More Store is our retail location. Stop by and see our wonderful dog and cat beds, bed pillows and pillow inserts, and lots and lots of yarn. We'll also teach you to spin your own yarn and weave on a rigid heddle loom. We proudly sell Ashford spinning and rigid heddle looms.

View our current store hours & directions Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the USA. Many are created at our production facility in Duanesburg, NY. Others are sewn at Herkimer Industries, our manufacturer and shipping center in Herkimer, NY.  Herkimer Industries is the vocational division of Herkimer ARC, a nonprofit agency providing vital services and meaningful opportunities daily for 700 individuals with disabilities and their families.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, for some items like pillow inserts, bed pillows and some yarns. Send an inquiry ceceswoolwholesale@gmail.com we can discuss that with you. 

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! We would love to work with you to make a wool-filled item that meets your needs. Send an email to ceceswoolwholesale@gmail.com.