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Our natural fill lumbar pillows are great for back pain.  Wool is especially comforting as it retains heat and matches your body temperature.  Wool also is dust mite resistant due to its characteristic of absorbing moisture and keeping the wool dry (dust mites like moist and warm areas).  

We stuff them with lots of fiber so you have a firm pillow.  The pillows have a zipper closure so if you need a thinner cushion, just remove some of the fill.

Our lumbar pillows come in two sizes: 

12" x 20"

12" x 24"

And you get to choose your filling.  Local NY wool or organic cotton batting. We hand stuff them to make them perfect for you.

And we include a free cover made of organic cotton canvas that durable and comfortable.

The wool comes from Cheviot sheep raised on local farms.  This wool is bouncy and very soft.  It makes great pillow filling.  We have it milled into batting material at a mill in Castlton, NY.  The organic cotton batting is grown in Texas and milled at a GOTS certified batting mill in Little Falls, NY.  We can also make a custom size for you.  Just email your dimensions to and we will put together a quote for you.