Wild Catnip

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Wild Catnip is our very own catnip gathered, dried, and packaged on our farm in 1/2 oz. bags or sturdy plastic tubs.  The catnip is fresh, fragrant, and fabulous!  Our three cats let us know that we have the right stuff!  The catnip is growing wild around our farm and harvested at its peak of pungency and before it goes to seed.  It is air-dried on the stem.  We take it off the stem when we package it up.  You end up with catnip that is fresh and potent!

There are no chemicals or pesticides used on our catnip.  We prefer to call it 'free range'!  It grows where it wants.  It seems to especially like the perimeter of the compost pile.

Read more about how we gather our catnip on CeCe's Wool blog post.

Our Wild Catnip is sold in .5 ounce plastic tubs.  

Catnip can be crushed and sprinkled on food, on bedding, or use it when you make your own cat toys! 

Fresh, fragrant and potent!


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    Posted by Debbie Brown on Mar 3rd 2021

    My cat loves it, can't get enough of it. I bought ....in September I believe and am almost out. She demands every day now.