Catnip Cat Toys from Upcycled Fabric

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We love kitties and using materials that normally are thrown away to make something fun and functional!  

Our cat toys are loved by kitties everywhere!  We start with upholstery grade fabric that is discarded from fabric books.  We cut the fabric swatches and piece them together.  We fill the swatches with some wool and dried catnip.  For more fun, we add a braided tail.

Nestled between the wool is a big wad of dried catnip leaves. We call it Wild Catnip because it grows where it wants to grow.  We just cut the plants down just before they are about to flower and hang the stems in our attic to dry.  We strip the leaves from the plants when they are completely dry.  That's when we stick them in the little cat cushions. 

Our dried catnip is fresh and potent!  Keeping the leaves intact is critical to getting the fresh catnip essence.  Cats get a natural reaction to catnip by inhaling it.  The leaves break down further as cat's play with the toy giving them hours of enjoyment.  That crumbling of the dry leaves is where the catnip oil is released into the air and cats are able to inhale some of the molecules.

Please be aware that no two cat toys are alike!  Each toy is at least 4" x 4" and has a braided tail.  They may be a little larger or longer than that.  Sometimes the tail is handspun yarn.  Sometimes it is commercial yarn.  You will be surprised with fabric and tail options we choose, but your kitties will love you for thinking of them!

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