Wool Batting - 3 lb Sheet

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100% wool batting from US batting mills. This listing is for a three pound sheet of batting wool that measures 72" x 90" .  It's super thick and nice and dense. 

The wool is scoured (washed) with only biodegradable soap and hot water. Since we do not use harsh chemicals to clean the wool you may find a very small amount of vegetable matter in the batting.

Wool makes a great fill for bed pillows, pillow inserts, comforters and quilts or anything you need to stuff. It wool also makes a great core wool for needle felting projects. We use this wool to stuff our bed pillows and pillow inserts. It takes about 2 pounds of wool batting to firmly stuff a standard pillow (20"x26").

Why wool?

For one thing, wool is a natural product that is sustainable - sheep grow it every year - and biodegradable. Put it in the ground for six months and it decomposes and improves the soil. And when it breaks down, any small amounts of this biodegradable material will not harm waterways or fish living in those waterways.

Wool is also naturally fire retardant, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Plus dust mites don't like wool and stay away from it making it natural dust mite resistant.

It's an amazing fiber and we think it's the best batting you can find!

Wholesale prices below:

10 to 19 pounds receive a 10% discount

20 to 49 pounds receive a 20% discount

50 pounds and over receive a 30% discount 

If you have any questions, please email ceceswoolwholesale@gmail.com.