American Ewe Roving

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Our tweed roving is made with Merino and Rambouillet wool from the Shaniko Wool Co.  The tweedy bits are created from added acrylic and rayon colors.

The roving is wonderfully soft with a 21 micron count.

Fiber content:  89% Merino and Rambouillet wool/6% acrylic/5% rayon.

Make your own yarn with these lovely tweeds.  Two colors are the roving before being spun into two current American Ewe Tweed colorways:  Seashell and Earth Tones.

We have added two new tweed colors:

Terrace Mountain - rich turquoise, dark green and dark blue bits

Penstemon - pink, purple and gray bits.  Penstemon is the name of a colorful pink and blue flower that grows in Western USA.

Happy Accident is just that - a one of a kind roving that won't be repeated.  Fiber Content = 46% Superwash Merino/30% acrylic/24% rayon.