Emotional Support Chicken -Knit Kit

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A kit perfect for completing the Emotional Support Chicken! Includes all the yarn you need, a tapestry needle and 8oz of Local Wool for stuffing your chicken! 

Please purchase the kit from the original designer Annette Corsino on Ravelry!

We handpicked 4 colour options in our American Ewe line of hand dyed 100% wool! 

1. Terrace Mountain(body) and Monet's Bridge(Stripes) + red and gold

2. Earth Tones(body) and Monet's Bridge(Stripes)  + red and gold

3. Seashell(body) and Venice Twilight(Stripes)  + red and gold

4. Birch Bark(body) and Venice Twilight(Stripes)  + red and gold


Be sure to post your chickens when you finish, we would love to see them!!