Stuff Your Emotional Support Chicken with Wool!

Posted by CeCe Tkaczyk on Jun 15th 2024

Stuff Your Emotional Support Chicken with Wool!

The Emotional Support Chicken knitting pattern by Annette Corsino has taken off! There's even a crochet version now. We held a knit-along at CeCe's Wool shop to make the chicken and 10 people joined us to knit and crochet their own version.  The Knit-Along meets 5-8 every Wednesday evening at CeCe's Wool located at 2080 Western Ave., Guilderland, NY. Everyone is welcome to join us. We made quite a few and they are adorable! 

When it came to what to put inside them for the stuffing, there was no question we would be using wool!

Our stuffing wool comes from local sheep farms and is washed with only biodegradable soap and hot water.  A local mill fluffs up the wool for us and it's perfect for stuffing and pillow making.  Our chicks loved it!  And because wool is more dense, we only used half of the amount of poly-fill suggested in the pattern which means our fill was actually less expensive that poly-fill!  And wool is much better for you and the environment since wool is biodegradable, sustainable, naturally fire retardant, and dust mites don't like it.

If you'd like wool for your Emotional Support Chicken or any other stuffing project or pillow, we have lots to share!

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