Alpaca Boucle Lined Mittens

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Lined Alpaca mittens are the warmest mittens you will find! Due to its inner core of air, Alpaca fiber is warmer than wool and absorbs less moisture.  These mittens are the ones you will reach for on the coldest days before you head outside. The boucle lining creates loops of fiber that trap air which helps to retain heat. The outer tightly knitted mitten layer keeps out the wind.  The result is a toasty warm environment.  If you have cold hands - these are the mittens for you!

We purchase the lined boucle Alpaca mittens from the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool.  This company purchases fiber from local Alpaca farms, sorts and processes the fiber, and makes items for re-sale. This process helps local Alpaca farmers by combining and scaling the process which creates efficiencies and is more cost effective for both farmers and consumers.

Fiber content: Outer shell: 80% U.S. Alpaca, 20% Nylon. Bouclé Inner Lining - Polyester

Care: handwash, dry flat, with no heat.