Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics and Beyond

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Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics and Beyond, by Deborah Jarchow

Rigid heddle looms are easy to use, light and compact, yet capable of creating exciting and beautiful garments and homeware.  Teacher, author, and professional weaver Deborah Jarchow became enthusiastic about these looms as her students quickly and easily learned to weave on these affordable and portable looms.

Deborah's many years of teaching led her to write this textbook for both beginner and experienced weavers.  Each project teaches a new skill and are building blocks for more complex techniques.  From plain weave to inlay and hand-manipulated lace, this book opens the whole world to creative weaving.

Published in collaboration with Ashford Handicrafts, the world-famous weaving loom and spinning wheel manufacturer, this book is an essential guide to this fascinating craft.