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Ever thought of dyeing your own yarn? Ever thought of dyeing your own yarn with flowers? What about dyeing your own yarn with your own flowers? Boy do we have a treat for you! 

From Hudson Valley Seed Co, we've stocked some wonderful options for the DIY Hand Dyers who want something truly unique and special when it comes to colors. Dying with plants and flowers can be such a rewarding processes, even more so if they're grown straight from your garden, or pot! Spring will be here before we know it so be sure to grab some seeds! 

Each pack comes with 75-250 seeds depending on which flower you pick. Each envelope contains instructions on how to grow your new plant, a brief introduction to the plant variety and some information about the artist who designed the packaging. 

If you're looking for yarn to dye with, we got you covered! You can purchase our already mordanted BFL wool here that's ready for dying! If you have your own fibers to dye, we also carry Alum here that you can purchase!

Seed varieties... 

Pincushion Flower Mix -- 50 seeds

Sea Shell Cosmos -- 75 seeds 

Torch Tithonia // Stinging Nettle // Marigold Medley -- 100 seeds 

Bronze Fennel // Multi-Hued Yarrow // German Chamomile // Campire Rudbeckia // Dyer's Coreopsis -- 200 seeds 

Golden Giant Amaranth -- 250 seeds 


Watch Our Video on Dyeing Yarn with Flowers